Welcome Homo

Welcome Homo

Please Call Before Visiting

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• Click https://zoom.us/j/5418662678
• Call 415-762-9988
Make a Donation
Donations keep our community going. Any donation is wonderful, but recurring donations are particularly helpful in helping us plan cashflow and sustain us over the long term. If you want your donation directed toward a...
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Visitors’ Guide
Link to the Nomenus Visitor Policy 9/29/19 Note on the Visitor Policy The roles and responsibilities of Land Community members and visitors are currently being redefined. Click here for the latest version. Questions? Contact nomenus-working@googlegroups.com. ...
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Monthly Recurring Donations

Your monthly reacharound of $5 or more sustains queer sanctuary all year round.

FIRST BASE: $500 / month
SECOND BASE: $750 / month

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What's Happening

Beltane Gathering April 26-May 3
Watch this space for the call!We're starting to plan gatherings this year, starting with Beltane. So far, we have dates set aside and we'll begin...
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Queer Forestry Camp Feb 6-10
Our sanctuary will be hosting a group of queer foresters who will tend the woodland around the meadow by applying traditional ecological knowledge and intentionally...
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Closed to Visitors January 5–18, 2020
Members of Land Community have come to a consensus decision regarding visitations to our sanctuary this month.  Effective for two weeks starting January 5, 2020,...
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