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Welcome Homo

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Donations keep our community going. Any donation is wonderful, but recurring donations are particularly helpful in helping us plan cashflow and sustain us over the long term. If you want your donation directed toward a...
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Visitors’ Guide
Link to the Nomenus Visitor Policy Tips for Visitors Please call first to let us know you’re coming; facilities can sometimes be tight, especially in Winter, and/or there may be a specific event going on...
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Join Nomenus! Please see the Frequently Questioned Answers (http://nomenus.org/information/answers/) for important information about membership. Once you submit this form, you should receive a confirmation within two weeks; if not, please email nomenus@nomenus.org * Required About...
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Monthly Recurring Donations

Your monthly reacharound of $5 or more sustains queer sanctuary all year round.

FIRST BASE: $500 / month
SECOND BASE: $750 / month

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What's Happening

Pendulum Gathering: September 19–24, 2019
Pendulum 2019: Faeries in Class Snuggle Dismantle internalized oppressionWork towards collective liberationWear onesies in a cuddle puddleFeast & celebrate the harvestRebuild spiritual community Nomenus Wolf...
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TAINT Gathering Sept 11-16, 2019
Calling TAINT Identities (Two spirit, Agender, Intersex, Nonbinary, Trans)to Wolf Creek Sanctuary, Sept 11-16, 2019for exploration and celebration of gender mysteries Registration opens August 1, 2019...
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Our site was down
This Website has been having problems with hackers; the whole thing was shut down for weeks. We're sorry about that, and are fixing to move...
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