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Donations keep our community going. Any donation is wonderful, but recurring donations are particularly helpful in helping us plan cashflow and sustain us over the long term. If you want your donation directed toward a...
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Visitors’ Guide
Tips for Visitors October 2020 Yoo Hoo! Please Contact us at least a week in advance. The wheel keeps turning… you feel that yearning… a longing for the land… So you’d like to visit.  The...
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Monthly Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations

Your monthly reacharound of $5 or more sustains queer sanctuary all year round.

SECOND BASE $1000 a month
SUSTAINING GOAL: $2000 / month

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What's Happening

Wolf Creek Sanctuary News
Yoo Hoo! The wheel keeps turning... you feel that yearning... a longing for the land... So you'd like to visit.  The land community would like...
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Beltane Gathering *on Zoom*
Nomenus Emergency Decision Making Committee has deferred a 2020 in-person Beltane gathering on the advice of the Nomenus Covid response circle. We are working on...
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Queer Forestry Camp Feb 6-10
Our sanctuary will be hosting a group of queer foresters who will tend the woodland around the meadow by applying traditional ecological knowledge and intentionally...
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