Winter Checklist

Winter Checklist

Fall Checklist for Winter Shutdown

After the last large Fall Gathering (typically Samhain), and before the first hard freeze:


Shut supply line (location?). Open drain valves; leave them open (CW: below floor, R of stairs. HW: R side of Barn near front, through wall). Wrap exposed pipe with old wool from drag closet.
Turn off hot-water heater. (It’s valuable.) Disconnect cold, hot, propane lines. Blow air through the water lines, to remove water (important!), using an air-mattress pump. Leave plugged in over the winter (important!)
While you have the air pump: Open the faucets, and blow air separately into the cold and hot side of each faucet; this gets water out of the body; otherwise, it freezes and cracks the faucet.

Unplug coffeemaker. Drain (turn upside down, tilt). Leave on its side, so nobody puts water back in.
Empty coffee air-pots; make sure their pumps and spouts are drained.
Unplug fridges; prop open doors.
Put away dishes, cover counters with tarps.
Dirty Rabbit hole: take down tarps, put away cords and power strips, store benches in Barn.
Dry goods: ??

Meadow shower:

Shut first cold supply valve (location?). Open drain valves (tank and low by blackberries) leave them open, preferably wire them so not easily closed.


If sink is connected, unhook and drain.


Turn off water (downhill), wrap valve with wool. Flush toilets to drain tanks. Place prominent “closed” signs!

Parking lot:

Pumphouse: Shut off and drain exterior sink. Keep door closed. Make sure light stays on (with an incandescent bulb) during freezing weather, to protect washing machine.
Welcome tent: take down.

Spring water system:

If there’s water in the system, remove the top from the spring. Leave bottom valve open.
Open valves at Beulah and Carlos (the two large black tanks) to drain them. Unscrew the clamp and remove black hose from the valve at each tank, to drain the last water from pipe and tank.


All tools to the Box (shovels, rakes). Drain and wrap hoses. Wrap spigots.

In cold weather:

In very cold weather, leave faucets dripping in: Garden House bathroom and kitchen, Theresa kitchen, pumphouse sink.
Before winterizing, also drip Barn cold and hot (slowly), location TBD.


Yearly Care for Refrigerators

  • IMPORTANT: Clean the condensor and compressor with canned air or vacuum, especially fins, coils, and fan housing.
  • IMPORTANT: Turn refrigerators off in below freezing weather!
    If the fridge is on for more than a day or so in sub-30 degree temperatures, put a heating blanket or heat lamp on the condenser and drip lines.
  • Lift the doors out and lubricate the rollers with graphite, also lubricate the cables for the door weights.
  • Pull out any loose silicone caulk around bottom of interior; clean and recaulk.
  • Inspect interior, lights, doors and door seals; repair as necessary.


There is also a Spring checklist

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