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Wikispaces Home

This Wiki is incomplete, and portions are out of date, but it’s available for you as a place to collect information, and can easily be made current. Please note that not everything here represents Nomenus or has been consented to by any group; some pages are just the writings of one person or another.

Welcome Homo!

The Wiki is a place to draft documents related to Nomenus. It automatically keeps track of who edits what. This Wiki is publicly readable. We’ve asked search engines to skip it, but you never know, so be aware that any of this might appear in a search engine.

Questions? Ask Mugwort, your wiki-host. To get edit rights, just email me, mugwort at pobox dotcom.

Next Great Circle!
The next Great Circle will be at Wolf Creek Sanctuary Sept 19-20, 2015, with access via Skype from San Francisco, Portland and elsewhere. There are many ways to ATTEND, and many VISIONS to have together, and many ACTIONS to transpire. Gather together, ye Agents of Radical Transformation!

Nomenus Rising
Nomenus has embarked on a period of restructuring. For more information, please check out the Nomenus Rising page.


Building Committee

Land Documentation

  • First Aid Supplies: I’d like to develop a list for what’s on hand, what we normally stock, and what’s needed.
  • Water and plumbing system (good place to put map, notes)
  • Electronics gear (phone, network, radios, etc)
  • Electrical configuration (service panels, branch circuits, etc)
  • Winter checklist

About Nomenus


Whozzat? Some Wiki members have usernames that aren’t easily recognizable; a list from username to faerie name is here. has 42 members and 68 (minus 3) pages. This page edited by mugwort on Jul 22, 2015 11:03 pm