Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help out? There are a number of places where one person can make a difference: they range from easy to substantial, or even tasks needing more than one person. Remember that Wolf Creek is a DIY operation; there’s no paid staff, and everybody who you see working on things is already totally busy. For anything more to happen, someone new will need to step up. That’s how you decide something is important to you: by making it happen. It’s also a great way to show your love for this Sanctuary!

Some of these can be done from anywhere; others need you to be on the Land or join in some committee meetings (which are fun, by the way). Here’s a partial list. For more information, talk to a Steward or email the switchboard at nomenus@nomenus.org

Things you can do anywhere

  • New Members of Nomenus Circle: Waiting for “conveners” (people who put out the initial Call to form the circle). If you’d like to join with other new members, either to help each other get started or even to pave the way for those who come later, and are willing to be a contact person and instigate the first meetings, that’s all it takes.
  • Gathering Organizers for the summer men’s gathering (SGRF, early July 2014). It’s easy if you get enough people and start early!
  • First Aid Stations: Draw up a list of recommended contents. (First-aid expertise)
  • Solar Shower: Improve the design for better capacity; write out instructions. (Solar hot-water experience)
    {We need a description of the system as it is now, its problems, and what’s needed.}
  • Barn Roof: Several other important fixes depend on the Barn having a roof that doesn’t leak! We need somebody to spearhead the project: come to Building Committee meetings, help figure out whether to repair or replace it, and instigate the needed fundraising. This could be our major project next year (or this, with enough energy).
  • Building Projects: There are a lot of project ideas. They need to be gathered up and organized, so we can get community input about priorities; that’ll also let some project fundraising get started. We’re all swamped; a new person could join pull this together and help get some of these things going.

Tasks on the Sanctuary (no prep needed)

  • Barn meadow-side door: Fix the door so it closes and the latch works again. (This will also cut down on wind)
  • Footbridge (Pont du Cafe): Between the Barn and the Dirty Rabbit Hole is a footbridge in bad shape; its handrail has fallen off.
  • First Aid Stations: Inventory what we have. (For extra credit, type into this Wiki. Otherwise, give list to a Steward who’ll pass it on.)
  • Weed-whack around the trails for fire safety. (Be sure to check in with a Steward first: one weed-whacker is 2-stroke, and one is 4-stroke; mixing up their fuels will destroy them.)
  • Solar Shower has new shutoff valves and shower heads to install.
  • Type into the Sanctuary phone list from the Rolodex; a Google Doc has already been started. (Ask a Steward or officer to set you up with edit access.)
  • Take measurements of the front of the Barn. (Ask Mugwort for details.)
  • Clean up Beulah, our middle 1200-gallon water tank.(Look inside. Run a hose, rinse, scrub, and bleach.) Run new water line and valve so we can use her for emergency potable water.

Things to do on the Sanctuary (after some prep work)

  • Solar Shower: Fix water leaks in collector, weatherstrip its box, add more black hose. Replace shower-head cutoffs (with brass ball valves) and shower heads (ultra-low-flow). Possibly replace red and blue master valves with a standard shower valve. Hook up temporary fittings to the donated collector panel to check it for leaks. (Mugwort)

Areas where we need your expertise

  • Surveying: There’s a tricky computation to figure out the position of our most-important corner related to the USGS survey marker at another corner. Also, we’d like to locate a number of landmarks with more accuracy that simple GPS offers; do you have experience using differential or surveyor’s GPS? (We’d like at least ±4″ vert&horiz around the Barn, for example.)
  • Solar Hot Water: See the solar shower, above. Once that’s working well, we badly need to design a solar system for the Barn water. (It’s silly to heat 50° well water with propane when it’s so sunny a garden hose is too hot to touch! But this takes some system design, and first we need to show the meadow shower can work efficiently.)
  • Medical: What first-aid supplies should we keep on hand? (Go bags, Barn/kitchen and Garden House main station)

This is not an official or consensus document; just one person (or a few) made up this draft.

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