Vision for the Land

Vision for the Land

Our Vision of the Land

Three-stage development consensus, from the July 1988 Nomenus Great Circle:

“We propose that our vision for use of the land will include three development stages, each meeting certain needs we have
agreed to or may agree to by consensus and each requiring certain physical improvements to be constructed over time:

1. In the current period, providing facilities for hosting gatherings and informal visits by small groups. In this phase we will continue to improve access to the land, as well
as the infrastructure for basic services: water collection and distribution, electricity distribution, seasonal kitchen facilities, meeting space such as large tent, sanitary facilities, protected tool storage and workshop space.

2. Soon, providing retreat space for individual faeries and for small workshops. In this phase, we will begin to develop year-round camping, kitchen and sanitary facilities
possibly centered on a “lodge” building or complex, and will develop the means for scheduling and organizing events.

3. Later, allowing for a full-time residential community on the land. In this phase, subject to future planning discussions, we would provide for year-round housing and
possibly cottage industry facilities in a fashion consistent with our general development principles, emphasizing creative and unobtrusive interaction with the natural environment and the primary use of the land as a retreat and healing space.

Amendment: the land and all structures on it will remain corporately held. Nothing in this proposal is meant to allow for privatization of ownership of any portion of the
land or improvement thereon. Any further agreements allowing individuals to reside on the land will be for specific periods of time and specific purposes, subject to regular
review of the Great Circle or its designees. No new lifetime tenures shall be granted to any individual.

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