The Call for Nomenus Rising

The Call for Nomenus Rising

The Call for the Nomenus Rising Circle

July 16, 2012

In Spring 2012, Nomenus Great Circle called for the Nomenus Rising Circle to convene in order to hold and nurture the process of profound transformation now occurring in the Church.

We see a two-fold mission for this circle: to hold space for the deep conversations from which cultural transformation and communal alignment can emerge; and to transform alignment into action by crafting proposals for future Great Circles to decide on. Specific topics will be determined by participants, but will likely involve the following:

  • Organizational structure / relationships between chapters and Church
  • Governance and decision-making
  • Membership policies
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Shared practices, beliefs and agreements
  • Spellwork and ceremony

Members and friends who support the mission of Nomenus and work together towards its revitalization: we call you to join us in this circle.

We envision a process that include and honors our hearts and spirits as well as minds. In the grand experimental tradition of Nomenus, we propose a meeting format that alternates between heart salon-style circles focused on deep conversation, and consensus-based business meetings aimed at making progress toward agreed-on goals.

Upcoming Meetings

The Nomenus Rising Circle will meet twice a month via Skype. To participate in a meeting, send your Skype name or phone number to Ernestine, our Skype expert ( You don’t need a computer or a Skype account in order to participate.

Nomenus Rising Heart Salon
Sunday, July 22nd, 4-7 p.m.

  • Reflections on where we are
  • Goals for this circle

Nomenus Rising Consensus Meeting
Sunday, August 5, 4-7 p.m. (last day of the SGRF)


  • Prioritizing goals
  • How to preserve faggot-centered spirituality and faggot-only space as the organization becomes pangender


We want this process to be as transparent, inclusive, and accessible as possible. Between meetings, we will use the following parallel channels for discussion and collaboration:

Email list:
Facebook group:
Nomenus wiki:

We ask all participants to relate to each other in a kind, heart-centered, constructive way, and to abide by the Nomenus Interaction Agreements.


The Great Three-Way:
Nomenus Seeds of Unity:


Jaddua (, Morocco (, Stella Maris (, and Oliver (, are sharing responsibilities as conveners, facilitators, and scribes of this circle. Please contact us with any questions or feedback.

We hope you will join us in this exciting and historic process!

Please forward this Call to others who may be interested. Print it out, add some glitter, make it sparkle.

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