Proposal: Committee Effectiveness

Committee Effectiveness:

Running meetings
i. Each Nomenus committee shall set and post an agenda to nomenus-coco at least one week prior to each scheduled meeting;
ii. Each Nomenus committee shall post its meeting minutes to the Nomenus-CoCo elist in a timely manner.
iii. Each Nomenus committee shall establish a method for tracking cooler items;
iv. Each Nomenus committee shall identify members willing to take on the following roles (some committees may choose to have one member fill several roles at it’s meetings, however it is strongly suggested that facilitators DO NOT also take minutes):
a. Convener: the convener ensures meetings are scheduled, prepares agendas, tracks tasks and keeps the decision making process moving forward from meeting-to-meeting; This role should rotate among committee members on a 6 month or yearly basis;
b. Facilitator: the facilitator moves the committee through its agenda at each meeting; makes an effort to be sure that all voices are heard; summarizes the discussion and keeps it on track. This role may rotate among committee members from meeting-to-meeting;
c. Minute taker: the minute taker records the proceedings of each meeting, solicits corrections from committee members and then posts the minutes to the coco-elist, and the wiki. This role may rotate among committee members from meeting-to-meeting.

Cooler – Items to come back in the next 2-3 meetings.
Freezer – Items that the group should address at some point, but are not urgent, and don’t want to lose track of.