Spring Checklist

Spring Checklist

Edited by {$JBJ} on {$4/19/2013}
This is an attempt at a list of things that need to be done before Beltaine to open the land for Gathering Season.

Barn Projects to do before Beltane 2013


  • New arm faucet: measure arm length and hole spacing
  • Level the stainless counters so they drain
  • Test faucets for leaks

Doors for back of barn:

  • Want 2 double-swinging, partly-glass doors.
  • Measure for size, then post for shoppers.


  • Out back is a round, stainless-steel, expensive pot-hanging rack. Get 3 stainless eyes welded on, to hang it.


Opening the Land

If you haven’t been already doing this all winter:

  • clean pump house
  • organize the Blue Box
  • turn and manage the compost
  • dump the shit barrels in the parking lot into the bomb shelter
  • potentially dig out the bomb shelter depending on how high it is and how long it has been (this may take checking in with someone who has lived on the land before you)
  • flush the drain trough to remove sludge (hose for water in, let the pump carry it out)
  • check water systems (supply and drain) for leaks

Spring 2013: Septic tank (pump, inspect, install manhole risers: ask Mugwort)

Opening the barn:

  • fluff the back of the barn. do laundry of all the linens and set it up so people can be cozy and warm
  • move Maxine to Maxy Pad and Bumble to where he is going to be for Gathering Season
  • turn on water and hot water heater, don’t forget to get propane
  • wash all the dishes and most of the cookware. it has been sitting in the dank barn all winter, so its most likely gross
  • clean out fridges
  • dust dust dust!
  • bleach all the table tops
  • sweep and mop

Special Needs:

  • designate a resident to top special needs. they will manage the influx of requests
  • flip all special needs spaces and make sure they have the linens they need.


  • tarp the dirty rabbit hole
  • tarp the welcome tent
  • organize the garbage dump in the parking lot
  • dump and recycling run. the less garbage is here, the less there will be here after the gathering!
  • check fire stations to make sure that each has an air horn, shovel and rake. if they dont have what they need, find what they need and put it there.
  • make sure that all propane tanks are full.
  • turn on flush
  • turn on solar shower

Shopping (outside of food)

  • toilet paper
  • wood chips
  • hand soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • dish soap
  • bleach
  • sponges
  • laundry soap
  • butcher paper
  • sharpies
  • scissors
  • ribbons for may pole
  • garbage bags
  • blue tape

For Gathering Organizers:

  • write call and send it out to proper channels
  • create registration form and manage it. that means, email people, send out reminders to register, check the registration for numbers. stay on it. no point in registering if nobody ever does it…
  • source and buy enough ribbon for the may pole
  • get decorations and make things look pretty.