Nomenus Rising: Bylaws Changes

Nomenus Rising: Bylaws Changes

Nomenus Rising will require extensive changes to the Nomenus legal bylaws.

Participants in the 2011 bylaws committee drafted a template for what the new umbrella and chapter bylaws might look like based on standard legal bylaws and models from Food Not Bombs and the Quakers. They also assembled a wealth of information on the bylaws process and the template for the new bylaws, collected here: Sample Bylaws Supporting Documentation

There appears to be general agreement to change as little as possible while implementing the Great Three-Way and restructuring the different circles’ relations with each other (for more info see Nomenus Rising). To that end, the substantive issues in the new bylaws templates are highlighted to indicate that they are just placeholders for future discussion. Eventually, we are likely to plug the outcome of our consensus discussions into a framework like this or something similar.

Here is the working template of the umbrella organization bylaws (please read and comment):

And here are sample bylaws for a local circle (however, each circle would write its own bylaws if desired):

There is also this spreadsheet to document what the proposed bylaws change.

At the October 2011 and March 2012 Great Circle, we made a list of various concerns with the existing bylaws. The Great Three-Way and the proposed bylaws draft above attempt to address these concerns.