Kitchen Goals

Kitchen Goals

Goals of Kitchen Remodel

1. Mitigate health and safety hazards.
Current problems:

  • Inadequate refrigeration > food spoilage and food poisoning
  • Open kitchen and holes in floor > fly problem, food contamination
  • Uneven floor > accessibility problems, trip hazard
  • People coming into the kitchen for hot water > accidents, cranky cooks

2. Repair structural problems.
Current problems:

  • Rot under sinks
  • Roof leaks

3. Improve kitchen functionality and flow.
Current problems:

  • Small low-pressure propane tanks > run out frequently, not good for stoves
  • Stoves are old and crotchety > burners don’t work, ovens take forever
  • Inadequate dry storage > rodent attraction

4. Improve traffic flow.
Current problems:

  • Narrow aisles on either side of food tables
  • Traffic jam around coffee and snack areas
  • Piles of people’s stuff at entrance

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