Hisstory of Decisions

Hisstory of Decisions

* Semi-official, Incomplete. *This document was prepared by Mugwort as Secretary, but it is not comprehensive and may not be up-to-date.

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Nomenus Decisions Made: Chronological

Great Circles and Special Meetings

(This section is pretty solid, as far as it goes back. Note that decisions are summarized; for precise wording, see the meeting’s decisions-list or minutes. Some supplemental materials for Great Circles are available here.
In places, we refer to Arcana’s compilation; he’s a former President who began a decisions list Jan ’11, last revised Sept ’14; it’s not an official source, but is likely to be accurate.)
Arcana’s summary incorporated through Summer ’99; there is more before that.

Great Circle, March 2017 (Portland)

Stewards: Authorize CoCo to develop volunteer recognition program and funding strategy.
Officers: President Piwacket, VP Rand, for one year.
EDMC primary: Tweet, Tru; alternates: Stella Maris, Dallas, Grace.
Budget: adopted as proposed; CoCo authorized to make any necessary changes.
__Statement of Purpose__ for Wolf Creek adopted.

Great Circle, Sept 2016 (Wolf Creek)

Dates 2017: Spring Great Circle 3/18-19 (St Patrick’s Day) in Portland. Fall Great Circle 9/6-10 (Wed-Sun), Wolf Creek. SGRF (Feb 23-26 Thurs-Sun), Beltane (Apr 26 – May 3), SGRF (July 11-17), Pendulum (Sept 18-24, if there’s enough interest), Samhain (Oct 27 – Nov 3, Fri-Fri).
Caretakers: Aleph, Blue Jay, Tru, and Willow, for six months.
Officers: Secretary Mugwort, Corresponding Secretary: Happy Worker, Treasurer: Thistle, for one year.
EDMC primary: Tweet, Tru; alternates: Stella Maris, Fox, Dallas, Curiosity.
Fiscal umbrella: approve 501(c)3 sponsorship of the Santa Cruz faeries.

Great Circle, March 2016 (Portland)

Stewards: Aleph and Princess for about half a year; Blue Jay so long as he stays. Rename role to “Caretaker” for half a year. Caretakers and CoCo together can delegate Caretaker functions; Caretakers can do so until the next CoCo in an emergency.
Form working group to refine documents towards clear statement of Caretaker, church, and neighborhood responsibilities and expectations; also, what’s Sanctuary?
Officers: President Jaddua, Vice President Yellowstone, for about a year.
CoCo is authorized to fill vacant officer positions until the next Great Circle.
EDMC primary: Stella Maris, Fox; alternates: Princess, Dallas, Curiosity.
Budget: Shift fiscal year to end March 31.
Adopt proposed budget, adjusting Garden to $300.
Building: Authorize $5000 to repair Barn roof
Black Lives Matter: Adopt statement, Welcome Circle to refine and bring for CoCo: “Nomenus and the Wolf Creek Sanctuary stand with Black Lives Matter in dismantling systematic racism, oppression, and violence against people of color.”

Great Circle, Sept 2015 (Wolf Creek)

Dates: Great Circles (2 1/2 days): March 18-20 in Portland, Sept 23-25 at Wolf Creek, with outreach to create a Bay Area meeting hub.
Stewards: Blue Jay and Richie, for about half a year.
Officers: Treasurer Thistle, Secretary Mugwort, Corresponding Secretary Happy Worker, all until GC about a year from now
Bank: Okay new account at Rogue Credit Union for building fund; okay to create Gathering account
Seeds of Unity, Interaction Agreements: re-approved.
Building: Circling tent for $2000, budget to be adjusted accordingly by Building/Finance committees.

Great Circle, March 2015 (Portland)

Dates: Great Circle Sept 19-20 in Wolf Creek.
Stewards: Extend Sawyer through June, if they wish. CoCo may name Stewards or Tenders if necessary; term ends at the subsequent Great Circle.
Officers: President Jaddua, Vice President Yellowstone, until GC about a year from now (Raven, Wick stand aside.)
EDMC primary: Stella Maris, Aidan; alternates: Raven, Rula. (Wick stands aside)
Budget: Approved.
Bank: Treasurer, in consultation with Finance, may add and remove names from bank accounts; to be reported to CoCo elist and next Great Circle
Visitors: Adopt new visitor policy (with revisions), to be revisited in a year.
Gatherings: Refer to CoCo to discuss the manner in which event dates are set.
Buildings: Delegate to CoCo the suggested Cob structure.

Great Circle, August 2014 (Portland)

Dates: Great Circle March 6-8, 2015 in Portland. (Changed to 3/20-22 by CoCo, in response to schedule conflict.)
Stewards: Wick and Sawyer extended until March GC.
Officers: Re-elect Mugwort as Secretary until next Summer’s meeting. Endorse Yellowstone and Andrew as apprentices. Elect Scott St Scott as Treasurer until next Summer’s meeting. President Jaime until March GC.
Budget approved as submitted. (Runs through June 2015)
Truck: we approve the purchase of a new used mid-size 4×4 pickup truck for up to $6000 with the following features if available: manual transmission, power steering, standard bed size, bed liner, back or jump seats, base model, Toyota preferred but not necessary for longevity. If additional funds are granted from a trade in vehicle and/or outside fundraising, they will be applied to the purchase of the land truck outside of the proposed $6000 from Nomenus. After the truck is purchased and if there are additional funds that are received, they will be deposited into the general fund to replace the purchase price granted from Nomenus.
(Decisions about hazard trees were referred to CoCo.)

Great Circle, March 2014 (Wolf Creek)

Stewards: add Wick Lawson (for half a year).
Officers: accept Nani’s resignation as Vice President.
EDMC: Danny Belle and Long Wolf primary, Jodi Bon Jodi and Sawyer alternates, from GC.
Dates: delegate to CoCo, until August, to set GC dates past August.
Financial: increase visitor/NOTAFLOF food budget to $2400 ($200/mo).
Fiscal Sponsorship of BLW renewed for another year.
Building site and design of new resident’s cabin approved (at the existing platform south of the springline).
Living Documents: re-adopt Seeds of Unity and Interaction Agreements.

Great Circle, December 2013 (Wolf Creek)

Stewards: add Sawyer (for one year).
Officers: President: Jaime Hummingbee (1 year). Vice President (convenes Nomenus Rising): Nani (one year). Corresponding Secretary: Happy Woker (renew, 1 year).
Dates: Adjust Great Circle so Wolf Creek is Spring, Autumn; Portland or SF for Winter, Summer. March 21-23 Wolf Creek; Aug 1-3 Portland. Plan for GC to have a standing time for non-Wolf Creek items and elections early on one day.
Finances: Adjust budget. Authorize Bldg Cmte to spend $1000 for legal advice on zoning, permit, etc.

Great Circle, July 2013 (Portland)

Stewards: renew Jodi Bon Jodi (1 year)
Officers: President: Morocco (until Winter GC). Vice President: Jaddua (until Winter GC). Secretary: Mugwort (one year). Treasurer: Potlatch (until GC after 6/30/14); will discuss selection at the GC before that.
Dates: Winter GC change to Dec 7-8 (location delegated to CoCo); Spring dates, location delegated to CoCo.
Membership tiers: Active lasts 2 yr, Supporting lasts 5yr.
Finances: Budget approved ($45k).
Fiscal sponsorship: Circle of Loving Companions (Sex Magick) for one year.
Naraya Dance Ground grading delegated to CoCo.

Great Circle, April 2013 (Wolf Creek)

Stewards: add Bear (-Spring GC 2014).
EDMC: Danny Belle & Jodi Bon Jodi; alternates Dallas & Bear.
Membership tiers (Friends, Members) adopted, including bylaws change.
Land community entrusted with gatekeeping w.r.t visitors & residents until further policy; transparent and accountable with CoCo.
Dates: GC PDX 7/26-28; Pendulum Gath in lieu of Fall GC; GC SF Bay 1/31-2/2 /14
Fiscal Sponsorship: BLW for 1 year.
Living Documents to be reviewed at the start of each year.
CoCo empowered for railroad class action, or for any class-action settlement requiring action before the next GC.

Great Circle, January 2013 (SF)

Stewards: Jodi Bon Jodi extended (- June).
Membership: online membership forms, as minor bylaws change.
Dates: next GC Apr 13-14, Wolf Creek.
Budget revisions approved.
Fiscal sponsorship: BLW referred to working group for proposal to GC; CoCo empowered for interim decisions.

Great Circle, September 2012 (Portland)

Officers for 1 year: Morocco pres, Potlatch treas, Happy Worker corresp, Jaddua VP. We intend officer terms to be one year unless otherwise specified (unchanged by quarterly GC cycle).
Membership: open to any self-identified Radical Faerie or friend; bylaws change, as started June ’12.
Dates: next GC 1/12-13, SF.
Interaction Agreements adopted, will revisit in 3 mos.
Seeds of Unity will be a living document, revisit at next GC.
Budget approved.

Great Circle June, 2012 (Wolf Creek)

Stewards: Add Morocco (1yr) and Jodi (6 mos).
Officers: Secretary Mugwort; VP’s Morocco, Jaddua (Morocco is first in line in case of President vacancy)
Membership: first-round approval to revise bylaws for Radical Faerie or their Friend; in the meantime, will include those in our consensus process.
Dates: next GC in PDX 9/14 eve – 9/16 eve.
Budget: extend current budget through 9/30.
Blocks: approve bylaws change (2nd round) to redefine as Paramount Objection that violates mission or principles of unity.
Create Nomenus Rising circle, to implement the Great Three-Way.
Propose a Wolf Creek circle.
Propose Principles of Unity as a living document.
Participants in CoCo’s not to be Under the Influence (does not apply to circles not represented in this meeting, e.g., SF CoCo).
Interaction Agreements to agenda of next GC.

Great Circle March, 2012 (SF)

Decisions list and minutes are in machine-readable form but apparently not online.
Stewards: renew Dallas through Fall ’12.
Officers: Secretary Lucille; Treasurer Jason; Bookkeeper and Controller Potlatch. CoCo empowered to fill the Vendor Relations position, as well as Controller and Bookkeeper.
EDMC: primary Dallas, Morocco, Jamie T; alternates Mugwort, Danny Belle.
Dates: Great Circles to meet 4 times a year, for 1-1/2 to 2 days. Next GC is June 2-3 at Wolf Creek.
Principles of Unity: ask bylaws cmte to engage wider community and refine.
Budget: add property taxes $900.
Treasurer: divide into 4 positions, chosen by Great Circle (CFO, Bookkeeper, Controller, Vendor Relations). Add Michael Kaffee, CFO, and Controller to Comfort & Joy scholarship bank acct.
Adopt the Great 3-Way (chapters, Wolf Creek, membership); will draft and adopt bylaws to implement.
Create informal working group to communicate with public on this (Danny Belle, Lucille, Wingheart, Marc, Morocco).
Blocks: first-reading approval of bylaws change to definition of a block.
Gatherings: SGRF 7/27-8/5, Samhain 8/26-11/2.

Great Circle October, 2011 (Wolf Creek)

Caretakers: consent to Dallas, Aka and Anu living at the Sanctuary, during this fallow time until next GC.
Officers: President Wingheart, Treasurer Jason, Secretary Lucille, Corresponding Secretary Ampersand.
EDMC: ratify current members, charges CoCo to choose 1 or more additional alternates.
Dates: Next GC: SF Fri 3/16 – Sunday 3/18/12
Budget: approves historical proposed budget as foundation; adds items in expense list to budget, authorizing Finance committee to prioritize them; approves income estimate of $30,973 for remainder of the fiscal year.
Bylaws: GC invites and encourages members and friends to join and create local salons to discuss evolutions to bylaws. Wingheart and Wraith will create the call for salons, present ot CoCo.
Naraya cabins: CoCo authorized to represent us in dealing with NCPC regarding the elder cabins.
Visitors: Approve new visitor-policy letter, entrust Mugwort and officers to revise and publish.
Fiscal sponsorship: Comfort & Joy scholarship fund: Consent in principle to sponsor this fund; Finance cmte to revise agreement and send to CoCo for final approval. Nomenus to deposit checks received for C&J in our name, hold funds pending disbursement, provide tax receipt to donor.

Special Meeting August, 2011 (Wolf Creek)

(Quorum call shows 42 members present, of 50 at the time this meeting was called.)
(Since the Jan 2011 GC, JP Hartsong passed away, Wispr resigned as Treasurer; Tinker and Wonder were sent away by the other Caretakers, all of whom then resigned.)
Officers until next Great Circle: Lucille secretary, Ampersand corresponding, Jason treasurer.
EDMC: add Dallas, with Jamie & Morocco alternates.
Dates: Confirm that CoCo is delegated the power to set GC dates.
Fall GC will admit non-members to discussion, but not test for consensus; parts of the meeting may be designated as closed.
Caretakers: We name none, and suspend Caretakership program. Dallas, Doodlebug and Jaime as interim Stewards.
Visitors: This is period of limited visitorship; stays >24hr are to help land stewardship; interim stewards, EDMC, CoCo have discretion about visitor stays. Expires at next GC.

Great Circle January, 2011 (SF)

(From Arcana email 2/5/11 summary of decisions)
Dates: GC Oct 8-10 at Wolf Creek. Gathering calendar approved, incl SGRF July 16-24.
Officers: Secretary JP Hartsong, Treasurer Wispr. EDMC Mugwort, Danny Belle, Harlan primaries; Vibrant, Wonder, Doby alternates.
Caretakers: Tinker, Vibrant, Wonder for one year; Gramma Harlan, Wispr until next Great Circle.
Budget: adopt our last properly-consensed budget for the rest of FY 2010-11. Also, if Special Meeting does not adopt a FY 11-12 budget, this budget will extend until GC of Oct 2011.
Spending authority: any project costing over $500 must have a budget. Workgroup overseeing it can determine spending within that line item. If no line item, CoCo approval is necessary, no matter the amount. This is all contingent on coordination with Finance Committee and Treasurer, and expires at GC Fall 2011 unless renewed.
Documents: approve Caretaker Responsibilities, Conflict Resolution Flow, Lowest Committee First.
Buildings: approve up to 4 elder cabins this year, provided by the Naraya Council. Delegate to CoCo. Approve plans and budget for Barn Kitchen renovation.
Project List adopted for 2011, 2012, and beyond.
Committees: establish Bylaws Committee, to propose changes to GC.

Great Circle August, 2010 (Wolf Creek)

(From attachments to Kyle’s CoCo email of 8/6/10)
Dates: next GC 1/15-17/11 Portland (at Honey House, but CoCo can change location)
Officers: Wingheart president (on paper), Arcana VP, with equal roles; Wingheart will focus on the external world, and Arcana on the Sanctuary.EDMC: primary JP, Randarella, Glider (Kyle D); alternates Wonder, Mugwort, Caleb.
Caretakers; Acorn, Blossom, Piwacket for one year; Wonder, T.J., Vibrant until next gc. (See concerns and conditions.)
Caretaker responsibility and circle proposals delegated to CoCo, to be reviewed by next GC.
Bylaws: fix spelling in V.1 (“desecration”)
Arcana is point person to create a decisions log.
Barn kitchen: 2 commercial kitchen experts and Pi to bring proposals to Bldg Cmte to revamp the kitchen.
Communications committee to work on new media, report back as needed.
Gathering committee is caretakers, Random, Torazo, Everic, JP.

Great Circle January, 2010 (SF)

(From Mugwort’s unofficial personal notes; I haven’t found email with the minutes yet.)
Dates: next GC Aug 2-4, after SGRF. If a Great Circle fails to set dates for the next GC, or if changing circumstances require, then CoCo may change the date of Great Circle, or the EDMC may do so in an emergency, provided that notice is sent to the members two weeks prior to any date involved.
Officers: Secretary Danny Belle for another year. Treasurer Jesse for another year. EDMC JD, Randarella, Mugwort primary; Vincent, Wingheart alternates.
Caretakers: Blossom approved as artist-in-residence until the next GC, subject to removal by COTL.
Bylaws: preliminary approval to revise bylaws to allow official communication by email. We approve email lists for internal announcements.
Gatherings: BLW is welcome to come back.
Spending authority: Finance committe is authorized to spend up to $1k on consensed projects, provided there’s money. We release up to $3k from the rainy-day (formerly building) fund. planning to match that with fundraising.
Water system: approve Tinker and Mana as water czars.
Propane: Zak is point person.
Fire safety: Danny Belle is point person / fire czar, will make recommendations on fire safety.
Barn kitchen move (to back of Barn): Zak and Randarella coordinate; Blossom makes an org chart.
Grandmother Maple: Acorn and Toonie are Grandma Maple czars (figure out how to keep people safe from falling limbs).
Dogs: Policy asks visitors to please make other arrangements for your dog. Caretakers can decide how they want to handle dogs otherwise. Continue with no dogs at all at gatherings.

Great Circle August, 2009

(From Danny Belle’s minutes doc, emailed 9/12/09.)
Dates: next GC in SF, as no Portland members are present. Jan 16-18.
Officers: President Zak for another year. Corresponding Secretary Pi for another year.
Caretakers: Acorn for another year (expects to be gone 3 months of that). Nomenus will contribute $100/mo into the food purse for his food. Piwacket. Toonie.
Approve Seatch and Kinder as long-term visitors with their dogs; CoCo to figure out if that’s working.
Corporation: refer CA address change to CoCo.
Process: change the wording in our test for consensus to “Are there any concerns remaining that have not been adequately addressed?” (vs asking if there are blocks)
Membership and resignation: If a person who deliberately, overtly resigned then wants to rejoin, we require that they first send a letter explaining why they want to be reassociated with Nomenus, then meet with a person or persons designated by CoCo. The designated reviewer(s) would then make a recommendation to Great Circle, which could decide by consensus to readmit.
Convocation of Communities Grants: We offer small grants to support projects that call different parts of the faerie community together; limit of $800 total per year, max grant $300. CoCo shall review and award.
Barn kitchen: will appoint a foreman, negotiate a stipend for him, schedule project plan and budget-creation work party within the next 1-2 months; empower foreman to make final decisions as necessary to complete the project; encourage foreman to apply for Convocation grant for travel costs. (Mugwort stands aside from use of Convocation funds.)

(From Arcana’s compilation:)
We are allowing legitimate service animals on a short service leash and accompanied by their owners.

Great Circle January, 2009

(Looking for minutes. They probably were in the April ’09 RadDish. This one item was announced separately.)
Membership: Great Circle wants to reaffirm that Nomenus members are only removed if there is strong consensus that all efforts at problem-solving have been unsuccessful. We continue to encourage dissent and celebrate the full spectrum of faerie personalities. We have a committee working on proposals to clarify and improve our consensus process and procedures for removal.

(From Arcana’s compilation:)
Agreement on the general idea of a bathhouse, with the caveat that the infrastructure (especially water capacity) needs to be dealt with first
Great Circle wants to reaffirm that Nomenus members are only removed if there is strong consensus that all efforts at problem-solving have been unsuccessful. We continue to encourage dissent and incorporate people who are difficult or unpopular, because we want to reflect the larger faerie community. We have a committee working on proposals to clarify and improve our process for removal. Thus far, they include a several-month period for reflection, with the final step only taking place at a Great Circle.

Special Meeting November, 2008 (by phone)

File “08Nov Special.doc” (35 members and 1 visitor participating)
Remove WillIAm and Rickster Trickster from the membership.
Secretary is Rula, Corresponding Secretary is Lopi, until the end of January Great Circle. (Dylan and Spiral resigned.)
Grant $100 towards the SF Faeposium.

Great Circle June, 2008

(Looking for minutes.)
(From Arcana’s compilation:)
Adopt SHS’s caretaker model proposal for 6 months with detailed review handled by COCO with anticipation the model will be ratified at the Jan. GC. (No such follow-up seems to have happened.)
Visitor Policy adopted: [This seems to have been already the policy in place; unclear when it was established.]
You are welcome at gatherings, and can request sanctuary visits at off-gathering times. Our policy for visits is 14 days. After that, consensus of the Community is required. During your Sanctuary, you can choose to participate at any level. This is your chance to observe how the Sanctuary functions and where you would be ready to plug into community.
If you choose to attend a Gathering, that time is to be considered inclusive of your two week limit. Should this boundary be honored, consistently, you are welcome to request a longer visit, at another time.
This is a camping scenario. Please bring or acquire a tent. Please use it to store and contain your belongings, as well as providing yourself shelter at Wolf Creek Sanctuary. Community spaces are not available for sleeping space.
Altars are Sacrosanct. These objects are communal. Votive offerings are a blessing when placed and can be a curse when removed. A sacred object that someone else has gifted a space should be left unmolested, and you should never use another witch’s tool(s), without express permission.
Be committed to give a minimum of two hours per day labor to the Sanctuary. This means actual land chores, like garbage, or dishes, or laundry, or gardening. Please discover the value of physical work, not just the Spiritual. This is the lowest threshold the community has for “plugging in”, and it’s not up for negotiation. Any day you choose not to participate is the day you leave the Sanctuary.
The Sanctuary requests $10 per day for off gathering visits, $5 goes towards groceries, and $5 for the resources you use.
Respect community member’s stated boundaries and requests. If you have reservations concerning those stated requests or boundaries, please address them to someone in the caretaking community. Please consider developing interpersonal sensitivity, so that you can be aware of traversing personal boundaries.
Should you be willing to engage these aspects, the community is willing to host your visit to the sanctuary.

Great Circle January, 2008 (Portland)

Officers: Secretary: Random resigned; Iz chosen as interim, and CoCo authorized to name a replacement. (Iz is already Treasurer.)
Dates: Next Great Circle June 22-24, Wolf Creek. Summer Gathering in June or July.
Audio recordings were made; are not to be shared with non-members who are not here.
WillIAm is authorized to create a debit card, in his name with his funds, for eBay listing fees that will then be reversed.
Rickster objects to June 2007 GC minutes; his corrections may be submitted by next CoCo, to be published in the RadDish. (No such corrections were submitted.)

Great Circle June, 2007 (Wolf Creek)

Based on notes by Mugwort and Action; official minutes were lost in a laptop crash.
Caretakers: move selection from COTL to CoCo, ask them for a process proposal.
Officers: President Mugwort; Secretary Random; Treasurer Izz (for one more year); Corresponding Secretary Atomic.
EDMC: primary Action, William; alternates Rickster, Mugwort.
Dates: Next GC Jan 19-21 2008 (Martin Luther King weekend) in Portland. CoCO may change location with 3 months’ notice.
Budget: approved as submitted.
Male-Only Space: Up to 2 weeks, not during scheduled gatherings, with 2 weeks’ notice.
Cash: Will add locked containers for cash donations, in addition to Golda.
Membership: Vaughn’s resignation precludes his rejoining, as we read the bylaws. Still discussing process that might be created for this.
Misc: Spring line deferred to CoCo.

Great Circle Oct 2006 (Wolf Creek)

(From Mugwort’s notes; minutes not located yet.)
Officers: Secretary Clay, with Sowelu assistant. EDMC Fritz, WillIAm primary, Rabbit CoCo primary; Mugwort, Jerry the Faerie alternates, Rickster CoCo alternate. (Rule stands aside.)
(Previous GC decided that the one CoCo should name 2 EDMC members, vs 1 per CoCo)
Dates: GC June 29-July 1, Wolf Creek. SGRF June 16-24, work party 25-28, GC is June 29 – July 1
Guinea Hens: raise limit to 40, still no slaughtering on the land, review after a year.
eBay/PayPal fundraising: to continue, review at next GC, under CFO and Finance cmte, use a separate account.
Minutes from Nov ’05 GC were partially lost; will stick with the previously-approved fragment.
(Caretaker compensation: they’ve been getting $1 per person-day at gatherings.)
(From Arcana’s compilation:)
Membership will be closed to new members until the end of Great Circle. Members whose memberships have expired may renew [on site] if they do so immediately upon arrival. Referred to next Great Circle as possible policy. (ed: In other words, new members can’t join when they arrive at GC.)

… a big gap…

Great Circle Spring 2001

(From Arcana’s compilation:)
Officers: President and Secretaries continue. Mark is new Treasurer. Indemnify Ole as a board member.
Caretakers: Outline process for becoming a Caretaker or Caretaker In Training (CIT).

Great Circle Fall 2000

(From Arcana’s compilation:)
All officers continue.

Great Circle Spring 2000

(From Arcana’s compilation:)
Officers: all continue. Dissolve position of VP of Fundraising.
Caretakers: Blossom, Mouse, Sapphire approved. (Deadly continues.) Caretaker selection and approval moved to COTL,
with appropriate input by non-resident members, with community evaluation at GC
Finances: Approve $500 in budget to cover visitor NOTAFLOF. GC commits to submit application to Gill Foundation for $25k; if approved, we must match it; an anonymous donor promises to do so. For the Building Fund.
Bylaws: Approve bylaws amendment to allow for electronic participation in meetings.
Committees: Dissolve Archives, Bylaws, Grannies, Forestry Management

EDMC (Emergency Decision-Making Committee)

July 20, 2014: Sponsor the travel fund of the international Generate Gathering (at Saratoga Springs).

May 20, 2014: Buy the Maytag top-loading washing machine at Sears (model MVWB725B).

Sept 18, 2013: Spend $1735 to rent a 30×45’ tent for the Pendulum Gathering.


CoCo Nov 12, 2017
Kit steps down from the Caretaker role, and will be moving out. He and Sapphire delegate Caretaker powers to Stew and Remedy. Dycotomi is a Tender.
CoCo Jan 8, 2017
We approve Grace as Caretaker until March’s GC.
CoCo May 10, 2015
We approve Aidan and Garlique as Stewards until September’s GC.
CoCo Apr 12, 2015
We endorse the proposed (2016) Forestry Camp, and authorize Sawyer and the land community to gatekeep and set population cap.
CoCo members of EDMC: Garlique primary, Richie and Sawyer alternates.
Stewards propose gathering dates, with approval by CoCo to make them final. Upon receiving a schedule request, Stewards shall notify Gathering committee.

Membership Events

Beast WillIAm, Rickster Trickster: removed Nov ’08. (Special Meeting)
Blossom Merz, Gramma Harlan Walker-Young, Aaron Ferschke (Arcana), Thomas Hall (Wispr): resigned July ’11 (email from Mouse 7/11/11. MW)
Scott St Scott: resigned May ’15 email (MW)
Wick: resigned May 10 ’15 CoCo (MW)
Blaise: resigned Sept 10 ’15 email (MW)
Scout: resigned Sept 8 ’15 verbally at meeting, and 9/10 forwarded email (from Free Geek) which stated he told them he was no longer a member. (MW)
James Panther: resigned Oct 29 ’15 by email (MW)
Rue / Rusty: resigned Jan 23 ’16 by email (MW)

By Subject

* This entire section is way out of date *
This is a place to start gathering up this information. Please organize it according to subject or level, and be sure to note the body making the decision, meeting date, where that info came from (e.g., minutes published where/how), and who added or changed the item here. (Decisions for Nomenus Rising are listed separately, here.)


President: WingHeart (Oct ’11 re-elected until Fall ’12. MW)
CFO: Jason Herschel (Oct ’11 Great Circle until Spring ’12, MW)
Purse Queen: Dallas is interim Purse Queen. (Finance confirmed by CoCo, 7/10/11 CoCo minutes. MW)
Secretary: Mugwort (June ’12 Great Circle until Spring ’13, MW)
Corresponding Secretary: Ampersand Charmpop (Oct ’11 Great Circle until Fall ’12, MW)

Jodi Bon Jodi (June ’12, Jan ’13 GC’s, until June ’13)
Bear (Apr ’13 GC, until Spring GC 2014)


The Great Circle invites and encourages members and friends of the Church of Nomenus to join as well as create local salons to begin to discuss possible evolution of the Nomenus bylaws. (Great Circle 10/9/11)


Propane tanks: Bldg Cmte authorized to purchase and install the two big tanks, not to exceed $3200. (CoCo, 7/10/11 minutes. MW)

Other Expenditures

7/4/11 EDMC authorizes up to $300 for memorial food and $200 to JP’s family for burial expenses. (EDMC, emails 7/3-4. MW)

Obsolete, Historical

Put here decisions that have lapsed, been replaced, or are otherwise no longer in effect, organized like they are above. This gives us a historical record and makes it easy, when stumbling across a decision, to see that it’s obsolete. (Please record, for each item, when/why it no longer applies.)

Arcana: resigned (5/8/11 CoCo. MW).
JP Hartsong: deceased (July ’11, MW)
Wispr: resigned (around June ’11, MW)

Vibrant, Harlan: resigned; Wispr, PiWacket: resigned office; JP Hartsong: deceased
Doby: resigned (per JP email to CoCo elist 5/5/11, MW)

Blossom: resigned
Harlan, PiWacket, Wonder: resigned (6/19/11 CoCo. MW)
Vibrant: resigned (4/10/11 CoCo. MW)
Acorn: CoCo deemed to have resigned

Who’s added or changed entries

MW: Mugwort

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