Nomenus Speaks: Beliefs

Nomenus Speaks: Beliefs

Nomenus Speaks to the IRS; Questionnaire p1 v2 “our creed”

We believe:

  • The world and everything in it is alive, dynamic, interdependent, interacting, and infused with spirit.
  • Spirit is what changes while remaining whole, and what remains whole while changing.
  • The motivation to become whole is innate in human beings and in all life.
  • All religions have recorded the wisdom and experience of humankind’s becoming whole. All religions are fundamentally one.
  • The experience of each individual’s becoming whole renews and expands the religious experience of humanity.
  • As individuals we discover the divine spirit within ourselves; we are innately divine; immanence permeates all life, and each of us.
  • Because the spirit of becoming whole moves through each of us, we are called to become who we fully are.
  • The path to becoming whole is through renewal. Nature is the source of renewal, the source of spirit. And Nature, as the wellspring of life and death, is manifest in each of us and in all the diverse rhythms and lives of the natural world.
  • Our common spirit is expressed in the collectivization of our individual vision quests.
  • The circle, linking an infinity around a common center, symbolizes our collectivity.
  • We expand reality through our visions and imagination. Our imagination is real.
  • We are called to take an active part in human spirit, in the becoming-whole of human being.
  • We are called to explore the frontiers of subject-SUBJECT consciousness; to prepare humankind to enter new dimensions of being and relating. We must expand our experience from subjects thinking objectively to thinking and acting subject to SUBJECT, equal to equal, sharer to sharer, self to self.

From Application 1023, Attachment 3 p4 “beliefs”

The shared beliefs which unite Nomenus are those to be found within all religions: We believe in Immanence; that is, that divinity and humanity–spirit and matter–are inseparate; that each of us is wholly divine and a manifestation of divinity. Immanence is the oneness of mind, body and s p i r i t . In her teachings, the feminist religious leader Starhawk refers to this as: “The awareness that the world and everything in i t is alive, dynamic, interdependent, interacting, and infused with moving energies: a living being, a weaving dance.”

We see health and disease in terms of immanence–our vision of spiritual health is holistic and, for us, its counterpart in physical health is a spiritual concern. The practice of our faith is a healing experience, a facet of spiritual Balance. The members of the Nomenus Church are engaged in both personal and collective quests for the realization of Immanence. This spirit quest is the central, turning core of our religion and worship. We believe that Spirit is renewal and that all spirituality shares the theme of Nature as the source of renewal. Nature is the wellspring of life and death; it is manifest in each of us and in all the diverse rhythms and lives of the natural world. “You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.” (St. Bernard). All our beliefs are contained in the vision of Subject-SUBJECT Consciousness. We believe the earth, and all of i t,loves to be loved.

Subject-SUBJECT Consciousness begins with the awareness of human responsibility for loving stewardship of Nature’s creations. To love what lives, we believe, is to fully appreciate the immanence of all people and all creation; never to force, but to understand, to care, to nourish. We believe that a Continuum connects individuals to each other and to their environments. Subject-SUBJECT Consciousness is an ethical ideal and a religious view of the world. It orients us towards ourselves and each other; it guides our spiritual community and our personal s p i r i t quests; it balances the imbalance of domination, agression, and exploitation.

The vision of Subject-SUBJECT Consciousness came to Harry Hay, one of our founding directors, in 1976. He describes it in his writings, in a passage we recall at our gatherings and circles: “Humanity must expand i t s experience from persons (subjects) thinking objectively–thinking competitively (in a nutshell, thinking opportunistically and nearly always in terms of self-advantage)–to thinking subject to SUBJECT, equal to equal, sharer to sharer, to thinking in terms of loving sharing-consensus. Humanity must expand its experience to thinking of another, that other, not as object (to be used, manipulated, mastered,consumed) but as subject (as another like him/her self,

Equally prominent in our religion is reference to the natural world, the theater of Nature, where the forms and rhythms well out of the spring of Nature Herself. The natural world is symbol and guide for the ever-renewing source of Spirit/Nature. Worship in nature recalls us to the ecological connections which are part of the web of Balance and to the natural equality and creative source in which our religious meaning and purpose are rooted.

Nomenus Speaks to the IRS: Letter – response to conference call. p5

Nomenus holds three basic and far-reaching beliefs: Subject-SUBJECT consciousnessImmanence, and Balance.

These beliefs are expressed in our rituals and in our cosmic mythology. These beliefs are our contribution as a religious organization to the integrity and viability of the human spirit. We believe that our members are called to explore, develop, illustrate, explain, practice and teach Subject-SUBJECT consciousness.

Through our religious beliefs, we maintain our sense of common spirit and purpose; we orient ourselves within the evolution of human consciousness and within the poles of life and death; and we evaluate the moral effects of our actions.

We believe we are called to raise into human consciousness the immediate awareness of the Integrity of all life on Mother Earth and throughout the Cosmos. This consciousness raises human behavior to a higher level so that we no longer treat others as objects and instead choose to think and act subject to SUBJECT, equal to equal, sharer to sharer, and self to self. We believe we are called to this mission by a Cosmic Divinity or Divine Plan, a seed of which grows within each one of us. This belief in the exfoliation of our own divine nature is what we term immanence.

Our belief in immanence tells us that all the world is alive and interdependent. Because of our belief in immanence, we nurture and respect the internal spiritual impulse within each individual, which directs him or her in the evolution, expansion, and raising of consciousness to new levels.

We believe that the dual forces of the Cosmos, whether named yang and yin, life and death, good and evil, spirit and flesh, animus and anima, must be balanced, or the Cosmos will fall into chaos. We believe we are called to maintain Cosmic Balance.

Nature is the source of our spirit. The Great Mother naturally sustains us. When She fails to nurture us or threatens our survival, we know we are not living in balance. A close identification and intimacy with the Nature is therefore a key element in our beliefs and practices.

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