Committees 2014

Committees 2014

Nomenus Committees and Circles

Upcoming meeting dates can be found on the Nomenus calendar. (If you use Google calendars, this can be merged into yours. Handy!) Many meetings also get a reminder to the CoCo email list. Most start at 7pm. If you’re looking for a meeting and don’t find its date, contact

Recently, most committees have a “live minutes” file. That’s a Google Doc that holds a series of meetings, with the most recent first. It gets updated during the meeting, and is a good place to find agenda and handouts.

To join a meeting, see our conferencing directions. The best results come if you use Skype; establish nomenus.wc as a contact well ahead of time, and then Skype call us at meeting time. Or you can email to let us know to call you; this is also the thing to do if you plan to participate by telephone.

To join a committee, just subscribe to the related Yahoo group and come to the next meeting.
Some committees have a Convener who handles organizational details and is the point of contact, listed below.

CoCo (short for “coordinating council”)

Is our main, monthly decision-making meeting between Great Circles; it’s the best place to find out what’s going on.


  • Covers construction, renovation, and maintenance. Meets monthly. Non-members are warmly invited; we’re especially looking for input from kitchen queens and architecture/construction faeries.
    Meets about once a month.
  • Yahoo group: nomenus-bc
  • Contact:
  • Live minutes
  • Archives


  • Handles the RadDish, Website, email lists, outreach, and all other ways we keep in touch with each other and the larger faerie community.
    Meets about once a month
  • Yahoo group: nomenus-communications
  • Live minutes
  • Archives


  • Works with the Treasurer on managing our monetary abundance.
    Meets about once a month, lately.
  • Yahoo group: nomenus-finance
  • Live minutes
  • Archives


  • Set the calendar, interface between organizers and the Sanctuary, clarify policy about how gatherings happen, look at how to make it easier to host gatherings.
  • Yahoo group: nomenus-gathering
  • Live minutes
  • Archive

Other Circles


Great Circle

Our plenary meeting, when Nomenus members get together to set policy, make big decisions, and talk about plans for the Sanctuary and other Nomenus projects.

  • Lately, we meet three times a year. Next: March 6-8, 2015
  • Archive

Working Groups


  • Ad hoc forum for electrically-inclined faeries to share information and discuss plans. A place to archive notes.
    We trade email, but don’t generally hold meetings.Please, please, please: let us know if you make any changes to wiring at the Sanctuary! It’s important for safety that we be kept informed. Please.
  • Yahoo group: nomenus-electrical


  • Meets now and then to discuss how to organize minutes and other records.
  • Yahoo group: nomenus-secretarial



  • a working group investigating the bylaws. See also Nomenus Rising.
  • Yahoo group: nomenus-bylaw
  • Google document archive

Nomenus Rising

  • Formed by Great Circle to implement the Great Three-Way
  • Focuses on organizational and cultural change
  • Meets twice a month
  • Meetings alternate between consensus and heart salon (heart-centered reflection and discussion)
  • Facebook group
  • Google document archive

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