Building Committee Projects 2013

Building Committee Projects 2013

Here are projects that have been suggested or are in the works. We hope to gather up enough specifics about each to ask Great Circle for priorities. Then it depends on fundraising!

  • Propane Tanks (Barn, Garden House)
  • Barn Roof finish repairs. Then screen-enclosed Kitchen!
  • Bath-house
  • Garden House bathroom redesign
  • Greywater treatment (Garden House + bath-house + laundry)
  • Composting shitter for Garden House neighborhood
  • Next 2 Naraya cabin locations
  • Deck in front of Barn

Definite projects

These are things we have to do, or that don’t cost much money and have the enthusiasm to happen:

  • Septic tank: pump and inspect (whee!)
  • Survey: Barn and Garden House neighborhoods to 1′ contours; will need some volunteers
  • Trenching: Naraya cabins – Blue Box – power pole, propane tanks (Garden House, Barn), Pump house to the Madrone

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