Affiliates: Donating While You Shop

Affiliates: Donating While You Shop

If you shop online from any of the following companies, you can easily arrange for them to donate a percentage of the total to Nomenus! Being listed here does not mean we endorse (or condemn) them; they’re simply companies that offer “affiliate” donations.

If you’re spending money anyway, you might as well use this feature to earn us a donation!

Just click on the link provided in order to go to the company’s site. Then put together your online order in the usual way; we’ll get credited for your purchase.

(We’re still working out the bugs in this process; if you make an order of hundreds of dollars, email mugwort at pobox dotcom so I can confirm if this worked. We get a daily summary of items ordered, with no mention of who placed the orders.)

  • Amazonexternal image ir?t=nomenus-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0930762002Starting when you click the link to their site (just to the left here), until your first purchase or 24 hours have passed, any items that you add to your shopping cart and eventually buy will generate a donation to Nomenus of about 4%. Note that once you’ve made a purchase this feature turns off, so you’ll need to follow the link again before adding more items to your cart.
  • Amazon Prime: You can get a free 30-day trial of this $99/year service, which offers free shipping and video streaming. They give us $2.
  • Powell’s Books doesn’t have an affiliates program, but they’re a well-regarded source for books. (Amazon is, sadly, throwing its weight around, refusing orders for books that criticize the company.)

Amazon has another feature, called Amazon Smile. Once you’ve selected Nomenus as your favorite charity, any time you shop at Amazon, start at instead of (it looks and works just like their regular home page). 0.5% of all purchases will be donated to us. (Here’s a shortcut to set Nomenus as your Smile charity.)

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