Help Wanted

For more ways to be of service, see Circles & Committees.

Plugin Facilitator
Help match people willing to work with work that needs doing. Follow up with members who express interest in helping out. Maintain this Help Wanted list and make sure everyone knows about it. Interested? Come to the next CoCo meeting, announce your intention, and be greeted with cheers of gratitude.

Join the New Fundraising Circle
Bring your skills to call in a flow of abundance to the Sanctuary! Coordinate fundraising events, outreach, grants, and other channels for prosperity. Give as you are able but always give something! Contact Rula at

Assistant Corresponding Sexytary
Work with Communication Circle to help Happy Worker with fun and important things like outreach to new members, sending out the newsletter, and responding to emails. Requires a computer and reliable internet access. Interested? Come to a meeting of Communication Circle or contact Happy Worker (

Feedback Team Members
Help ensure that those in roles of responsibility receive constructive and compassionate feedback. As part of REAR Circle, help focalize the process described in the REAR Feedback Protocol. Requires emotional intelligence and willingness to learn and practice constructive feedback. Interested? Come to a meeting of REAR.

Last updated 10/11/2019