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Great Circle

Join us this weekend at our semi-annual Great Circle; it’s where we share visions for the Sanctuary and make plans for the coming year. Friday evening is a heart circle and fire; Saturday and Sunday are meetings. (You can even participate remotely.)

Great Circle is more than just a meeting.  It’s a gatherette for those who love this community and want to help it evolve and thrive. It is an intense and magical co-created process with the power to transform our community and our relationships to each other.  

Read the Call; details are in the online Agenda.

Pendulum & Great Circle

Pendulum Gathering

Calling Ourselves In -or- The Radical Recess Revival Project

Gathering  •  Fri 9/1–Mon 9/11, 2017
Great Circle  •  Fri 9/8–Sun 9/10

Please register (so we can buy groceries)

Ride Board, so faeries can get there

This Call is


The dates have changed; mark your calendars! Great Circle overlaps with the last three days.

As queer-affiliated people of diverse identities, we come together to throw off the shackles of homophobia, sexism, gender programming, transphobia, racism, classism, lookism, and all other forms of internal and external oppression. —Nomenus Seeds of Unity

We sacrifice regarding ourselves and our community as unworthy and disposable, and we actively create a culture of belonging.“—2016 Samhain Sacrifice

“Come out for the gathering, it’ll be cute.”—Stew, like yesterday

Let’s share our experiences of marginalization and privilege in ways that make our relationships and communities stronger. Let’s dismantle hierarchies of oppression and heal personal and ancestral trauma using our Faerie subject-SUBJECT superpowers of radical vulnerability and loving acceptance.

Pendulum offers a focused, intimate gathering container for this work. With Nomenus Great Circle happening at the end of the gathering, it’s an opportunity to meet in person as the kind of community we want to be.  

THERE’S A SCHEDULE!  It’s just tentative, but faeries made it by talking to each other.


Read the full call at the link above



Gathering are over for a while; things are quieter at the Sanctuary. If you plan to visit, please email caretakers@ or call 541 866-2678 so we know to expect you. The creek is clear and high this year (great in hot weather!) but don’t drink it (there are cattle upstream).

SGRF (men’s gathering) July 10-17

“Let’s drink to the old faggots that were there and helped make this happen just by being there.”
– The Faggots & Their Friends Between the Revolutions

Thirty summers ago, the men who arrived at the first Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries did so as our community was under assault. By plague, hostile government, and the families and institutions who wanted us dead. These men used community as the cornerstone of radical subversion.

They gathered at Wolf Creek to create revolution by discovering their tools— quill, shovel, loom, broom, hearth, and cock. Brandishing them, they pruned and planted a garden to nourish our faggot souls.

For thirty years, this gathering has been our tool for rebellion. We rebel with our spirit; because we know that the only true revolution is a spiritual one. We rebel with our minds, creating subject-subject consciousness. And we rebel with our bodies; because in our faggotry, our spirit takes flight.

Spiritual revolutions are the ones which last; the ones which permeate hearts and minds, drawing the commitment of a lifetime.

In gathering is our strength.
The strength of our love, and of our lives.
The strength of our tribe, and of ourselves.
The strength of our ancestors, and of our faglings.
The strength of the bodies who entwine us, and the bodies we inhabit. The strength of our past, and of our futures.

We come to the Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries as brother faggots hand-in- hand, asking, “Where does the magick inside me emanate from? Am I source, recipient, transmitter, or all three? What happens to the magick I create? Where is it cast and what does it manifest?”

Gathering is a place-in-time to pool the energy of our collective magick and cast it to transform our world.

See the Call, and then register!

SGRF is a container for Queer males (trans, cis, and gender-queer)

Samhain is Coming Oct 26-Nov 3


Wolf Creek Samhain 2016 Call

For so many of us in the community, this year has been especially difficult.  We have lost heroes and celebrities that paved the way for us.  Many have lost friends, family, loved ones, and community.   The political climate has been especially harsh for many, mixed with rapid gentrification, violence,displacement, and police brutality.   Intolerance and fear have been wide spread.  

This Samhain we join together as a community to process our grief, let go of what is toxic to us, acknowledge our fears and our own mortality, recognize the gifts we have been given, and support each other as we wave goodbye to summer and enter into the dark half of the year.  

Samhain marks the end of the harvest and begins a time of decay, introspection, and intuition.  We gather by the fire to light our way through the darkness, and to protect and cleanse.   The veil between worlds is thin, allowing supernatural beings, spirits, and those past to take their places beside us.  We invite our ancestors to join us as our table, in our music, by our fire and in our moments of ecstasy, joy and sorrow.   It is a time to tell stories of those who have passed before us.  It is a time for divination and magic, and to look forward to the year to come.

Then hear this call, to Samhain at Wolf Creek. Come celebrate with your community, past and present, come to be nourished, and to nourish others. Bring with you, your intention. What do you bring to that purging fire? What do you bring to greater table? What are you ready to let go of for good, what are you taking with you, into the winter?  

We hope to see YOU there! Welcome HOMO!  



Possible schedule (the gathering is what we make it!)

Wed 26th – Opening Circle
Thurs. 27th – Dance Party, play party in honor of the stag king

Friday. 28th – Libations Night
Saturday. 29th – New Stag king Choosing! The Know Talent Show!
Sunday 30 –The Sacred Hunt, Persephone Ritual and Fire Purge
Monday 31st– Samhain, Celebration of our Ancestors with drumming, stories and dancing

Tuesday 2nd –Silent Ancestor Supper

Wednesday 3rd- Closing circle, Clean up

Possible Daily activities, Lets make it happen!

  • Morning circles (where the gathering comes together to help each day flow well)
  • Meals (Please check in with Hearth Crew on the land if you’d like to top a meal)
  • Heart circles (daily connections keep the community thriving)
  • Workshops about subject/subject consciousness and consent, the intersection of sex and magic or anything you want to share
  • Play parties
  • Massage/healing circles

Plus whatever YOUR amazing mind can think of! If YOU feel called to make it happen please feel empowered to focalize it!

Does it Cost anything to come to A gathering at Wolf Creek?

Giving to the Sanctuary is a powerful act of abundance magic. Thank you for your generosity, which strengthens this community and the magic that we share. The suggested donation is $35 per person per day; NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds) and GAYAABAGS (Give As You Are Able But Always Give Something)

This gives us an idea of how many folks will be blessing our gathering. If you register ahead of time, we will have enough food, propane, and toilet paper to last the entire gathering. Help raise $2K needed up front for groceries and propane by donating online now! Use a credit or debit card; no PayPal account required.

The full Call is here:

Sanctuary is male-only July 1-20

Once a year, we designate some time when the Sanctuary is reserved for faggots; this year, it’s July 1-20. (Vocabulary can be tricky; we mean gay/bi/queer males, cis and trans.)

During that time, the land will host two male-only events: Sex Magick July 2-9, and SGRF July 11-17. (Although Sex Magick isn’t a drop-in event, non-gathering faeries can camp in other parts of the land while it’s going on.)

Male-only gatherings started in 1981, and have happened at Wolf Creek almost every year since the faeries bought this place. If you’ve never experienced one, you may be surprised at how different the experience is!

We’ll welcome our sisters back on July 21.

We’re back!

Our old Website went down suddenly: hackers took over, and it became a Spam factory! Sadly, WordPress backups were on that same machine, and have been hard to retrieve. It may take some time to get all the content back onto this new site; please bear with us. Email is still good:

Mark your calendars: Naraya (land closed to visitors) 6/9-12; Sex Magick (tentative) 7/2-9; SGRF (tentative) 7/11-17. The Sanctuary will be male-only about 7/1-18. More details on these later.

Nom eNews Spring 2016

Beltaine Call & Registration
Building & Repair Projects – Barn Roof and more
Financial Hearth Tending
Winter at the Sanctuary
Drought Update… and more

Note: This is a rendered version of the newsletter. Click here to view the original

Welcome Home Circle News

The process of increasing the Land and Community’s usability to everyone in our community, and especially to our olders and elders, continues quickly, steadily, and apace! In addition to the access cabins gifted to us by Nomenus three years ago (making their construction now officially Faerie Ancient HistoryTM) and the rail we built almost a year ago (!) into the front entrance of the Barn, we managed to add stand-up/sit-down bars in every shitter on the Land AND a rail up Patrishit’s stairs!

Our latest barrier-removal was the placement of five stumps along the main foot-path from the Parking Lot to the Garden House (the one that starts between Mary’s shrine and the welcome Tent and passes by the Garden before ending at Papa Legba’s shrine ~ thank you, Sagee, for telling me that shrine was there!). Now, Fairies who need to rest after short walks or who need assistance to rise from falling can walk that route independently!!! SSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

If your interest is in working more broadly to Welcome Home every single Fairy to this Land, please consider attending the Welcome Home Committee meetings via Zoom or phone! Email to join the group.

Wolf Creek has had a ‘normal’ amount of winter rainfall for the first time in several years. Much of the rain came in large storms which successfully tested the weirs placed throughout the meadow by forestry camp; slowing runoff and allowing more groundwater recharging. We hope this was the first of a series of normal or wet winters that will bring the Land back to aquifer equilibrium

We are continuing to ask all visitors to bring 3-5 gallons of water per person per day for personal use, especially for Gatherings.

Nomenus and the Wolf Creek Sanctuary stand with Black Lives Matter in dismantling systematic racism, oppression, and violence against people of color.

(Nomenus Great Circle, March 2016)

Beltaine Call 2016


Hear it & COME…
at the Nomenus Wolf Creek Sanctuary for Radical Faeries
The What: Beltaine
The Turning of the Great Wheel of the Year into Spring, as
The Earth Rips into Bloom
the Air Sings With the Noise of Wild Abandon
The Water Flows Through Us & Washes Us Clean, &
The Fire Takes What We Release & Burns it All Away.

Read the Entire Call here:
Register & Donate here:

Your advance registration & donation (full or partial) allows us to  buy supplies like food, propane, etc. & plan meals.

Help Fund A New Barn Roof

The Barn Roof at the Wolf Creek Radical Faerie Sanctuary is in Shambles! With constant leaks during the rainy season, we’re left with mold on every surface and a sacred space that is unusable for those months. This project is long overdue and needs attention immediately! Please help in any way so this landmark in Wolf Creek will be around for many more years. Thank you in advance!!

Follow the link below and make your donation of ANY amount. Our goal for materials is $5000
(7% to 9% admin fee)

You can also donate to this campaign via PayPal (no fees for Nomenus!)

Tending our Financial Hearth

Winter is often a time of scarcity for the Sanctuary, since most of our income comes from gatherings. But the insurance and utilities still have to be paid; the truck drives to Grants Pass for supplies and to pick up faeries; there are buildings to heat. Come Spring, repairs are always needed before hundreds of faeries show up.

This Spring, we’re blessed with volunteers for a couple of big improvements, probably happening before Beltaine: a large, permanent tent frame so we can circle out of the rain and Summer sun; a fly-resistant replacement for Beezle, which promises to continue our progress towards healthy gatherings. (It’ll have a cement-block vault, fly-proof ventilation, and a ramp!

With donated labor, materials for the tent will cost $1900, and another $1200-1500 for the outhouse. Rather than lose the opportunity, Nomenus borrowed from our reserve funds.

Will you help us pay for those projects, and cover the bills until Beltaine? (Other important repairs aren’t even on the shopping list yet: Theresa’s porch roof and Garden House’s walls.)

You can make donations at PayPal Giving, or through eBay, as well as GoFundMe for the Barn roof.  Both PayPal & Ebay have no fees for charities; 100% of your donation comes to Nomenus!


Gathering Pavilion

The framing is in place, a fabric roof is next, for a sheltered 40 foot wide circling space on both warm and rainy days. Decking will be added as funds are available.
Thanks to Catherine T for topping this project!

Winter Happenings at Wolf Creek

This February saw the first ever Winter SGRF gathering as well as the 4th annual Queer Forestry Camp. The SGRF was an intimate gathering of communal bonding during a typical cool wet February Weekend.  Forestry Camp volunteers made more great progress on enhancing the long-term health of our local meadows & forest through groundwater recharging projects and fire-ladder suppression work.


All dates for Gatherings and Nomenus meetings are on our Google Calendar

Questions?  Planning a visit to the Sanctuary? Email