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The traditional Faerie abundance spells apply: NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds) and GAYAABAGS (Give As You Are Able But Always Give Something).
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Nomenus Circles and Committees
Coordinating Council (CoCo)
Monthly meeting for members and friends of Nomenus

Plans building and maintenance projects at the Sanctuary
Works on the North point of the Compass

Collaborates with gathering organizers and collects best practices
Works on the Northeast point of the Compass

Communications (Commies)
Manages our communications channels
Works on the East point of the Compass

Manages our financial abundance
Works on the Southeast point of the Compass

REAR (Reconciliation, Emotional Accountability & Repair)
Facilitates conflict transformation and boundary tending
Works on the Center of the Compass

Nomenus Rising
Evolves Nomenus Shared purpose and Decision principles
Maintains Seeds of Unity and Interaction agreements

Ecological Stewardship

More details and links to charter and minutes at
Circle/Committee Involvement
Check all that apply. For descriptions, see "How does Nomenus work and how do I plug in? (
Learn About Consensus
Before bringing proposals or participating in the test for consensus at meetings, we ask active members to learn about consensus in any of these ways. Check all that apply.
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Questions, comments, and suggestions
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