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Nomenus Great Circle March 2019

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Great Circle is more than just a meeting.  It’s a gatherette for Radical Faeries who love this community and want to help it evolve and thrive. It is an intense and magical co-created process with the power to transform our community and our relationships.  

We commit as active members of Nomenus to subject-SUBJECT consciousness in all our interactions. We aim to co-create interlocking consensus-based working circles, tightly bonded with love and trust, and surrounded and supported by a larger community.  

Great Circle is a container for us to clarify and come to agreement about sustainable, consensual relationships between the land itself, the ancestors, Nomenus, the Wolf Creek Sanctuary Land Community, other Nomenus projects, and the wider radical faerie community.

Come to Great Circle!

Fall 2018 Great Circle

Nomenus Great Circle
Sunday-Tuesday, November 4-6, 2018
Sunday: Heart Council (talking circle on community topics)
Starts at 10a, remote participation welcome
Monday & Tuesday: Meeting
See agenda for topics and times
Agenda (
Members and friends of Nomenus are welcome.
New participants are asked to observe before participating.
Ways to join a Nomenus meeting:
•  Click
•  Call 415-762-9988
•  Go to or download the Zoom app, and join meeting 541-866-2678
(If asked for a participant ID, just press #.)

Support Phase 3 of the Shower Project at Wolf Creek

The Wolf Creek HOT Shower Project is coming along swimmingly!  The solar heating is expanded, for a LOT more hot showers, even in the mornings and evenings!  The showers have been rebuilt and we have a beautiful new deck.

This year, we’re on to Phase III, and we need your $upport.

We need your money to buy materials.  We need to raise $3,000 by June 30, to complete Phase 3:  Finish and expand the deck and sink area, add a ramp for easier access, rebuild and improve the sink area, add a new bench under the tree for changing & lounging, and some maintenance and improvement of the solar heating system.

Phase 1 & 2:  DONE!
Upgrade solar for much more hot water

  1. Add three solar water heating panels
  2. Add two storage tanks that will keep water hot for days
  3. Able to be easily expanded if we want to add more capacity in the future
  4. New. larger, durable deck (made from Trex)
  5. New shower heads and valves

Phase 3:  (This summer!)
Finish the fabulous shower deck sink ramp bench & more.

Phase Three will start at the Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries (July 13-23), and be completed early in the gathering.  

Eric Erdmann and Boondok Carl VanderZanden are doing the planning and up-front work.  We will be joined by other community members at the SGRF gathering to do the construction.   

Eric and Boondok have been Wolf Creek faeries for more than 20 years, and bring a lot of construction experience.  This is our way to offer our skills and give back to the community. Please help us with your give back of funds to manifest this dream.  


The cost of materials for PHASE III is $3,000.  Any funds remaining will be held and used for Phase 4.  

How to contribute money:
  • Send a check with a note indicating that it is for the Wolf Creek Hot Showers Project.   Send to Eric Erdmann or Carl VanderZanden, ℅ 2006 NE Weidler St., Portland OR 97232
  • If you want your contribution of $500 or more to be tax deductible, write your check to Nomenus, and send to Eric Erdmann, 2006 NE Weidler St., Portland OR 97232
  • Contribute via paypal directly to, and tell one of us how much you sent.
  • Need another option?  Call or email either of us.

If you would like our detailed budget, plans, or materials list with costs, just call or email:  

Eric 503-816-7337,

Boondok 503-987-0855,

Beltane 2017

Wolf Creek Beltane 2017:
A Gathering of Learning Circles, Work Parties, and Celebration

Let’s plant the seeds of sustainability.
We gather to thrive in the days to come.

To teach each other
To share our skills
To grow our community

Healing starts with us.
Thriving starts here.
The future starts now.

Gather round the fire
Weave our intentions
Dance your heart out
Fill our community cauldron to the brim
with hard work and tender service.

Come cook a meal
Fix a roof
Make a friend
Chop some wood
Teach a skill
Feed a fire
Throw a flogger
Make some noise
Dance it out
Come plant a seed of revolution

(: We hope to see YOU! Welcome HOMO! 🙂
Gatherings take both money and time to produce
please bring what you can to contribute.

if you can!

Great Circle Spring 2017

The Call to Nomenus Great Circle
March 18–19, 2017

We trust in the wisdom of the ancestors and the hope of the descendants, as we gather to tend the roots of radicalism planted decades ago, and to bring that spiritual DNA forth in a new flowering of sacred service.

In this time of deepening change, we call on members and friends of Nomenus to gather together in service to the ongoing renewal of the church.  For this 30th anniversary year of Nomenus, and let’s gather to visualize our continuing evolution and explore new ways of being together.

Great Circle is more than just a meeting.  It’s a gathering for those who love this community and want to help it evolve and thrive—It is an intense and magical process with the power to transform our community and our relationships to each other.  

To do the work that lies ahead, we are creating interlocking consensus-based working circles, tightly bonded with love and trust, and surrounded by a supportive larger community. Participating in Great Circle is essential to that process.  

Great Circle is a container for us to create sustainable, consensual relationships between Nomenus, the Wolf Creek Sanctuary Caretakers, and the wider community. We want to look at problems that recur for Sanctuary residents: patterns of conflict, trauma, martyrdom, scapegoating and burnout. We’ll discuss the necessary business of keeping the Sanctuary and the Church alive and thriving, and we’ll vision our shared future. This is the moment we can set our course collectively and steer our magic forward. This is the time when we can create a vision for the future of Nomenus & our communities.

Come to Great Circle! Your perspective that is unique, valuable, and necessary. Please bring the piece that only you can bring.  Are you willing to set aside stories that say you have no power, your voice isn’t welcomed, your dreams are too grand, or the Church is not willing to change? Let’s live in a story where each of us is not only welcomed, but necessary.

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